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HTC Desire HD launching September 15th?

HTC Desire HD launching September 15th?

HTC has sent out coded invitations to a September 15th event in London at which the press will be presented with a brand new smartphone, with speculation suggesting it will be the Desire HD.

The invite was originally a complete enigma because it showed very little other than the event information and a plume of inky-black smoke with some vague detailing behind it.

However, it was not long before the online community had worked out that by turning up the contrast, the obscured image could be seen more clearly.

Once enhanced, the image shows the faint tracings of a smartphone that seem to match up to the pre-release images of the HTC Desire HD, with the position of the rear-facing camera and HTC logo given as clear evidence.

This has largely dispelled previous rumours that September 15th would be the date for the unveiling of the first HTC smartphone based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

Little definitive information is currently available on the Desire HD, other than the fact that it is likely to sport Android 2.2, high definition video capture and an eight megapixel camera.

At this point it is unclear as to whether HTC is going to stick with the Desire HD name.

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