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  5. Mobile app to monitor nation's happiness levels

Mobile app to monitor nation's happiness levels

Mobile app to monitor nation's happiness levels

The London School of Economics (LSE) is carrying out a study involving mobile applications to determine how happy the average UK citizen is at any given time.

Researchers have developed an iPhone application called Mappiness which integrates a number of measurement tools to determine whether the weather, scenery, noise and pollution levels in the vicinity of person is affecting their mental wellbeing or not.

LSE's George MacKerron explained: "By tracking across space as well as time and by making novel use of a technology that millions of people already carry with them, we hope to find better answers to questions about the impacts of natural beauty, environmental problems - maybe even aspects of climate - on individual and national wellbeing.”

The Mappiness app is free to download and it takes advantage of the iPhone's integrated GPS location capabilities to pinpoint the user's position as they make their feelings known.

Lord Richard Layard, Well-being Programme director at LSE, said: "Mappiness is a revolutionary research idea. It is the best method so far devised for understanding how people's emotions are affected by the buildings and natural environment in which they move."

If you take part in the Mappiness project, you will have access to a personalised chart that measures your happiness over time. You can also check out the cumulative national happiness levels online at

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