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  5. Mobiles replace landlines in poor homes

Mobiles replace landlines in poor homes

Mobiles replace landlines in poor homes

Households with low incomes are using mobile phones as a replacement for to a landline telephone service, according to a new study.

Those living on limited budgets in Wales have been shown to be the most likely to own a mobile phone only, with nearly a fifth of households ditching a long term, costly commitment to a landline provider in favour of a pay as you go mobile deal.

Throughout the UK as a whole this level is lower at 14 per cent, according to telecoms regulator Ofcom.

"Of course, you have got middle-class people who decide, 'We'll have a mobile each rather than [a landline] for the house', but the bulk of that will be people on low incomes. I don't think it's a thing you want to be shouting from the rooftops," said Ofcom's Rhodri Williams.

"The growing number of low-income, mobile-only households in Wales is a further barrier – without a landline people cannot access the internet and mobile broadband is still in its infancy," said a member of the Welsh Communications Consumer Panel.

The study also found that Wales is lagging behind the rest of the UK in terms of broadband adoption, with mobile broadband also seeing sluggish uptake because those living in the most rural areas are unable to enjoy its benefits.

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