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Nokia N8 set for October launch

Nokia N8 set for October launch

The release date for the Nokia N8 looks set to be in October, despite the fact that the eagerly awaited Symbian 3 smartphone had recently been tipped for a late August arrival. has shifted the launch of the N8 back to the 8th of October, retaining the £420 price tag that it had originally placed on SIM-free versions of the smartphone last week.

This is £80 less than the recommended retail price and perhaps significantly is also £80 less than the iPhone 4.

Nokia has still not committed to a definite release date for the N8 in the UK, although the October 8th date suggested by Play seems to fall in line with what most observers had been predicting.

This will be a week or so after its US launch, which Nokia has said will happen before the end of September.

The Nokia N8 is arriving to a smartphone market that is arguably over-saturated at the high end, with excellent options available from Samsung and HTC and the almighty iPhone 4 still selling faster than Apple can make it, despite the notorious antenna issues.

However, on paper the N8 certainly sounds impressive, with its 3.5-inch AMOLED display and 12 megapixel, high definition-ready camera.

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