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  5. Xbox Kinect to interface with Windows Phone 7

Xbox Kinect to interface with Windows Phone 7

Xbox Kinect to interface with Windows Phone 7

The potential for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console and its new Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform to cross over is growing, with new rumours suggesting Kinect compatibility is on the cards.

Kinect is a forward-facing camera accessory for the Xbox 360 which allows games to detect the full body movements of the player and its creator Kudo Tsunoda has suggested that it will in some way be able to translate to Windows Phone 7.

"It's all stuff that you could integrate into a multitude of devices, whether it's phones or it's PC's, or anything that requires some sort of input," said Mr Tsunoda at the Gamescom event in Germany.

Mr Tsunoda was asked directly if he was talking about Windows Phone 7, or planning any kind of Kinect-compatible functions.

He stated: "It's all stuff that you could work into phones as well if you wanted to...if like you worked at a company that did stuff with phones and PCs then maybe something like that would be possible."

The implication is that Microsoft might enable gesture sensing in smartphones via forward-facing cameras and the Windows Phone 7 platform, according to Pocket Lint.

This could render touchscreens secondary to more immersive interactivity in the future.

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