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Is this really the HTC Desire HD?

Is this really the HTC Desire HD?

An image of the HTC Desire HD has apparently cropped up online, ahead of this week’s press event at which the handset is due to officially unveiled.

The Desire HD is the sequel to the best-selling Android phone the Desire, and like its predecessor was universally expected to run Google’s operating system.

However, the newly unearthed image, which surfaced on German retail site BestBoyz, shows the handset running Microsoft’s current smartphone OS Windows Mobile 6.5.

This has prompted a spate of rumour mongering and speculation across the tech world that the handset could be a Windows phone.

In fact, the most likely explanation is that the UI was superimposed onto the catalogue image simply to make it more appealing to would-be buyers.

HTC has yet to fully confirm hardware specifications for the Desire HD, but it is widely expected to pack an eight megapixel camera – compared with the Desire’s five megapixel snapper – and offer high definition video recording and playback.

The handset is also likely to be home to a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a 1GHz Qualcomm processor.

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