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  5. LG Optimus Pad: the Android tablet battle begins

LG Optimus Pad: the Android tablet battle begins

LG Optimus Pad: the Android tablet battle begins

LG hasn’t been shy in coming forward about its tablet plans. It’s been known for some time that the South Korean giant and Samsung’s rival-in-chief has been beavering away on a touchscreen device bigger than your average smartphone.

But now the company itself has released more details, including a name: the LG Optimus Pad.

The timing of the announcement is crucial. Samsung is set to show off the own Galaxy Tab at IFA in Berlin tomorrow. While LG’s announcement doesn’t amount to an official airing, seeing as it came at a dealer’s event in Brussels, it would have been well aware that the information would leak out online, garnering plenty of headlines. LG and Samsung’s rivalry runs deep at home in Korea and this is just the beginning of a battle for supremacy in a new and exciting space.

lg optimus pad 1

So what does the Optimus Pad pack in? Well, LG’s staying coy about the specifics, but reckons it’ll be thinner, lighter and offer “superior performance” when compared to rivals. But its biggest calling card will be Android.

This points towards a wider battle that’s about to begin, and one which will help push Google’s platform’s capabilities even further in the coming months. Both LG and Samsung will be keen to come out on top, and with the same basic software, it will be down to who can optimise it the best and who can serve up the right blend of hardware nous and value for money.

Price points in particular could be Android’s secret weapon in the slates showdown. Those making tablets using Android will obviously be looking to undercut the costly iPad and make devices using Google’s OS more appealing to those who want the functionality of a tablet, but don’t want to pay headline prices for it.

Already this approach has seen Android phones surge ahead, with various studies pointing to the OS’s growing dominance over iOS. Google will be desperate to see the same thing happen with tablets, where Apple has an almighty head start.

lg optimus pad 2

Google will doubtless be encouraging stiff competition between LG, Samsung and other manufacturers using Android for tablets. It will want a welter of killer hardware to give the iPad a run for its money. Why have one competitor when you can have a dozen to take on your key enemy?

That’s why the LG Optimus Pad is just the start. Archos has also fired off its warning shots with new Android tablets and you can bet Motorola won’t be far behind. This is going to get lively. And while it kicks off, Google will sit back and watch as it gains ground on the iPad. Let the tablet wars commence.

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