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Angry Birds on the Nokia N8 will feature the option to pay for a new gameplay element called the Mighty Eagle with ‘smartbomb’ capabilities.

Nokia users will be able to purchase the add-on when stumped at one of the many challenging puzzles. The Eagle will instantly clear the level, allowing players to progress to the next stage.

Speaking at the Nokia World developers summit, Rovio Chief Executive Officer Mikhael Hed called the new feature a “silver bullet” and stressed that it would not affect the balance of its gameplay because it can only be used a limited number of times.

Players who use it to finish an earlier level and who want to call on it again later will be forced to go back to complete the preceding stage with the regular line-up of birds before the title permits it, Mr Hed added.

Angry Birds is currently available on the Maemo powered N900 and will be released on Symbian devices with the launch of the N8 at the Nokia website from September 23rd and across all major networks from October 1st.

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