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Nokia denies latest N8 delay rumours

Nokia denies latest N8 delay rumours

Nokia has refuted reports that it is postponing the release of its flagship phone for 2010, the N8.

Earlier today, the Nokia website pre-order page for the device appeared to show that instead of shipping at the end of September, [users would have to wait until well into October to get their hands on it].

A statement sent out to a number of premium news providers apparently confirmed the delay, with Nokia warning that it was holding back shipments for a few weeks to “ensure a great user experience”.

However, Nokia has since muddied the waters further by contradicting itself and stating that there was no postponement. It has also described reports that ran with the story as “inaccurate”.

The N8, which is the latest in Nokia’s Nseries range of high-end smartphones, was originally expected to debut months ago, having first surfaced some six months ago.

Delays to its launch are rumoured to have been caused by software glitches.

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