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  5. Nokia introduces browser and dev tools

Nokia introduces browser and dev tools

A new web browser is on the way to Nokia phones, as it looks to compete with rival high-end smartphones.

The new Nokia browser is web kit-enabled in the same way as those for the iPhone and Android mobiles, allowing it to render existing mobile sites smoothly and facilitate finger-friendly surfing.

Support for HTML5 and CSS3 is also onboard, said Purnima Kochikar, Vice President of Forum Nokia & Developer Community, who introduced the innovation at today’s Nokia World developers’ summit.

Nokia also used the expo to showcase the first-ever touch and type SDK that reduces the amount of code needed to develop apps by 70 per cent, as it looks to swell the number of titles on offer at its Ovi online software store.

Ms Kochikar claims the free SDK halves the time required to create an app, but stressed that the company is not in “a race to build the next million or ten million apps” but wants to make apps that are “relevant and useful”.

The development tool is available now at the Nokia Forum.

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