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  5. Windows Phone 7 devs told ‘no adult content’

Windows Phone 7 devs told ‘no adult content’

Windows Phone 7 devs told ‘no adult content’

A new edition of app developer guidelines for Windows Phone 7 warns devs against including pornographic and violent content in their wares, as Microsoft follows Apple in strictly controlling what will be sold in its software store.

The rules warn that “sex/nudity [and] images that are sexually suggestive or provocative” will not be permitted.

Other content deemed verboten includes “realistic or gratuitous violence”, such as “decapitation, impaling, blood splatter/blood spurting/blood pooling [and] guns/weapons pointed towards user/audience”.

Microsoft’s tightened up submission process has been deemed ill judged by many in the industry. It is thought that allowing developers free reign they would foster a climate conducive to garnering the support the platform requires.

Apple has rejected a number of iPhone applications from its App Store on the grounds that they were morally objectionable.

Back in April, Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs reiterated his personal crusade to keep adult content out off iPhones and iPads and advised anyone who wants porn on their mobile to buy an Android smartphone.

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