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Angry Birds 2 ruled out by Rovio

Angry Birds 2 ruled out by Rovio

Rovio has denied it is planning a sequel to its multi-format, mobile gaming sensation, Angry Birds, despite sales running into the millions across the globe.

The games maker revealed its intentions via a post on its Twitter feed when a follower asked if they could expect a sequel to the title.

In response, Rovio stated: “No. We are working on something much better. Actually several much better things;-)”

For what it’s worth, we’re not convinced. The somewhat cryptic answer, coupled with the fact that the full Android version has racked up over two million downloads since Friday, suggests that we haven’t seen the last of the green pigs and their irate avian avengers.

And we’re even less trusting of Rovio’s blanket denial that they’ll be more instalments in the light of the fact that an animated series is in the works, along with a line of merch set to hit shops for Christmas.

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