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Flash Player 10.1 confirmed for Windows Phone 7

Flash Player 10.1 confirmed for Windows Phone 7

Adobe has announced that the latest version of its popular multimedia platform, Flash Player 10.1, will be making its way to Windows Phone 7.

It confirmed in a press release that Flash Player 10.1 will be made available for “future versions of Windows Phone” along with Nokia’s MeeGo and Symbian operating systems, plus LiMo, which powers various Orange and Vodafone branded handsets.

Flash was conspicuously absent in the list of features when Microsoft officially unveiled the first batch Windows Phone 7 handsets earlier this month.

We are not sure if "future versions" means an imminent update or an entirely new iteration of Windows Phone. The former would be good news for early adopters, while the latter may discourage Flash evangelists from picking up a WP7 kit at all.

According to reports, Microsoft itself hasn’t shown a great deal of interest in adopting Flash. In an interview with TechRadar, Andy Lees, president of the mobile communications division, said: "There is no ActiveX plug-in extensibility because of the security model; we're not going to do that.

And with no ActiveX plug-in model, how would we do Flash?"

We wouldn’t be too surprised if software giant was more keen on pushing its own Flash alternative, Silverlight, by taking a stance similar to Apple, which has all but closed the doors to Flash on its range of iDevices.

Flash Player 10.1 is currently available on Android and HP webOS 2.0. A BlackBerry release is also imminent.

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