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  5. Windows Phone 7: LG Optimus 7 released on Vodafone

Windows Phone 7: LG Optimus 7 released on Vodafone

Windows Phone 7: LG Optimus 7 released on Vodafone

The Windows Phone 7 launch is in full swing with the release of another flagship smartphone, the LG Optimus 7, which is now available exclusively on Vodafone.

Customers looking to pick up the Optimus 7 for free can sign up to a two-year contract with the big V from £30 per month, which entitles them to 900 call minutes, unlimited texts and a 500 MB of data.

The Optimus 7 houses an expansive 3.8-inch touchscreen in a brushed aluminium shell with angular edges that lend the phone a much sleeker feel than most smartphones. It is also home to a five-megapixel camera with LED flash, which takes great snaps and doubles up as a HD camcorder.

As with an array of handsets released last week, the Optimus 7 runs on Microsoft’s reinvented Windows Phone 7 operating system, designed to make staying connected with friends as seamless as possible. With Xbox Live integration for online gaming and the onboard Zune music+video player hub, the Optimus 7 is optimised for entertainment on the go, too.

What makes the Optimus 7 stand out from the rest though is innovative software such as PlayTo, which allows you to stream video content from the phone directly to a DLNA-compatible TV, and ScanSearch, an augmented reality application that gives you weather information by simply pointing the phone towards the sun, plus real-time distances to the nearest tube stations.

There is also an impressive Panorama mode that enables you to take and stitch together multiple photos to achieve a full 360 effect.

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