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  5. Android 2.2 landing on HTC Legend by month's end

Android 2.2 landing on HTC Legend by month's end

Android 2.2 landing on HTC Legend by month's end

Froyo, also known as Android 2.2, will hit the HTC Legend later this month, it has been confirmed, after the Taiwanese phone maker originally stated it had no plans to roll out the OS iteration to the handset.

HTC revealed its plans to roll out the newest iteration of its platform – 2.3, AKA Gingerbread isn’t out yet, so that doesn’t count – later this month via its official Facebook Legend fan page.

The post stated: “The update has been progressing quite well, and in the coming weeks those with unbranded Legends should be receiving the update.”

So, provided you’ve got an unlocked model purchased SIM-free, it’s happy days. But in news that's surprise no-one who's been following the much-delayed rollout of new iterations of the OS, Legend owners who picked up the phone on a contract plan – I’m guessing that’s most of you – face a longer wait while your carrier completes network testing to ensure that Froyo works with its services.

HTC added: “For those of you with carrier-branded versions of Legend there will be a slightly longer wait.

“Once we finalize the update within HTC, the software must then go through the appropriate approval process at each carrier that supports Legend on their network. This is the same process for all of our handsets, and Legend is no different.”

Launched around the first time as the HTC Desire, the Legend is arguably the most stylish Android smartphone so far – thanks largely to its aluminium unibody construction and Jay Leno-esque protruding ‘chin’.

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