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  5. HTC HD7 has iPhone 4 style antenna issues

HTC HD7 has iPhone 4 style antenna issues

HTC HD7 has iPhone 4 style antenna issues

Early adopters of Windows Phone 7 who purchased the HTC HD7 may be facing antenna troubles similar to those suffered by the iPhone 4 during the ‘Antennagate’ saga.

News on the street is that the HD 7 drops calls the same way as Apple’s fourth-generation smartie if you hold it very firmly in your left hand. This may be a little hard to avoid if you’re trying to use the phone in the country’s present weather conditions but we are told that you would have to be holding it really tight, so it’s unlikely to be noticed by most users.

Still, it’s unusual for an HTC phone to display exactly the same problem as Apple’s effort, which suggests that there is definitely an issue in the way both phones are designed. The HD 7 is an incredibly thin device and we suspect the placement of the antenna and the materials used around it may be to blame.

The iPhone 4 came under scathing criticism for its share of the trouble. Apple boss repeatedly defended the handset and pointed out that it was not an iPhone-exclusive issue. Looks like he was right all along.

Fortunately, there are no reports of issues with other Windows smarties, such as the Samsung Omnia 7 or LG Optimus 7. The HD 7’s smaller cousin the HTC 7 Trophy is also unaffected.

Have you experienced any issues with your HD 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

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