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  5. Dell Streak 7 tablet spotted in leaked Wi-Fi certification

Dell Streak 7 tablet spotted in leaked Wi-Fi certification

Dell Streak 7 tablet spotted in leaked Wi-Fi certification

The Dell Streak Android-powered smartphone/tablet hybrid looks set to get a beefed up successor real soon, after a leaked Wi-Fi certification all but confirmed its existence.

The fine folks at Engadget even got their mitts on a leaked commercial, where the narrator almost immediately revealed the tablet as the rather confusingly titled Dell Streak 7. We’d be lying if we said Windows Phone 7 didn’t pop-into our heads but fortunately, seconds later, the Android mascot came pushing the tablet to the screen, which put our minds at ease.

The narrator went on to describe all the wonders of the Streak 7, including its gaming, social networking and multimedia skills. Dell made sure to hire actors of all age groups to make it seem like the perfect device for everyone from preteens to the elderly granddad types. Unfortunately, there were indications whatsoever as to whether it runs on the upcoming tablet-optimised Android Honeycomb or the present Gingerbread iteration.

Still, it looks like a reasonably substantial upgrade as stills of the video showed a device that looks decidedly larger, sleeker than the original Streak. Although we suspect it might be a 7-inch version, due to the 7 in the name, it does look bigger in some snaps. But then again, most things do (you’ll be surprised).

So what does the Steak 7 pack under its hood? Well, a Tegra 2 processor is all we have learnt so far. Since the current Streak already possesses two front and rear-facing cameras, you can certainly expect those, with minimum 720p recording capabilities. In terms of innovation, don’t hold your breath anything groundbreaking. We would love to proven wrong, of course.

The video didn’t hint a release date, let alone a possible price point. But you can look forward to finding out those in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 next month. So watch this space.

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