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  5. LG backpedals on Android Gingerbread claim

LG backpedals on Android Gingerbread claim

LG backpedals on Android Gingerbread claim

LG has apologised for its assertion yesterday that handsets running the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, Gingerbread, require a 1GHz processor.

It all started when LG Mobile USA posted a comment on its official Facebook page stating that its “Optimus line won’t be getting the Gingerbread update because they have a 600MHz processor and the minimum requirements for Gingerbread require 1 GHz processor".

The claim was quickly dismissed by senior Android engineers and caused an angry reaction from fans that accused LG of making excuses for its lack of initiative to update its Optimus handsets to the new firmware.

LG has since removed the post and issued a statement apologising for the mishap.

It said: "LG released information prematurely regarding the minimum processor upgrade requirements for the LG Optimus.

"Google recently announced the Gingerbread platform and has not yet published the Gingerbread Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) or the public branch open source code.

We apologise for any confusion or misunderstanding."

So there you have it. No conspiracy here. It was all a huge misunderstanding. Now can we all please get along?

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