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  5. Mums top mobile phone one to one list

Mums top mobile phone one to one list

Mums top mobile phone one to one list

Consumers would shun exchanging repartee with Wildean wit Stephen Fry or even some sexy-time talk with Johnny Depp or Cheryl Cole in favour of some cosy chat with their mums, a survey reveals.

In a poll conducted with 3 for our competition to grab a shiny, new Samsung Omnia 7, entrants were asked to name who they’d most like to have a one to one with on their new smartphone.

In news that might surprise anyone cursing our celeb-blighted culture, it was mums who finished top of the telephony tree, as Britons shunned the chance to get the inside line on the exploits of the great and the good to catch up with their mothers. In fact, so convincing was the victory for the nation's mums that they actually got twice as many as votes as smouldering sex panthers Johnny Depp and Cheryl Cole put together.

That’s not say that celebs didn’t figure highly in the survey. Just behind mums in the overall vote was Stephen Fry, who put that unfortunate recent Twitter storm behind him to grab second place. Also scoring highly was Prince William – a strong showing for the heir apparent, that we’re attributing to a legion of ladies making last-ditch attempts to offer him their fair hands in marriage before he takes the plunge with Kate Middleton.

But it’s not long before it’s our real nearest and dearest stake their claim to our monthly call minutes allowance once more. Husbands make the number four spot on our list, with wives tidying up behind up them at five. Ain’t love grand?

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