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Nokia X7 gaming smartphone spotted

Nokia X7 gaming smartphone spotted

Two new spy shots of Nokia’s latest gaming smartphone effort, the X7, have been leaked online by a Russian journalist.

The handset ostensibly the successor to the X6 gaming phone made an earlier video appearance (see below) on showing off its 3D gaming capabilities with accelerometer support. It is said to boast a 4-inch AMOLED panel that uses the same ClearBlack Display technology as the N8 and runs on Symbian3 operating system.

An eight-megapixel camera with dual LED flash is also on board with HD video recording capabilities, plus quad-speakers for annoying the public when gaming without a headset. Details on memory and processor are still unknown.

Closer inspection of the photos shows the X7 sporting some unusual indentations around the corners, presumably to make it more comfortable to hold in landscape orientation. It’s also branded with the AT&T logo, which suggests that it may launch stateside first, if not exclusively.

Nokia desperately needs a hit on its hands as the N8 failed to put a dent on the sales of rivals iPhone and Android. The X7 may simply be a stopgap until Espoo is ready to unleash the N9, which will reportedly ditch Symbian in favour of the MeeGo operating system.

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