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Nokia to adopt Android?

Nokia to adopt Android?

Speculation is mounting that Nokia could be about to get on board with the Android platform, as it looks to restore its fast fading primacy in the high-end smartphone sector.

Suggestions that the Finns could be preparing to adopt Google’s voguish operating system stem from a candid conference call with newbie Chief Exec Stephen Elop.

Addressing questions over the company’s plans to compete more effectively in the operating system wars, the one-time Microsoft man conceded that sweeping change is on the agenda. More intriguingly still, he also said that Nokia is willing to look at “multiple ecosystem patterns”.

Although there’s no explicit reference to Android in his statement, the mere suggestion that Nokia could ditch its long-term policy of solely manufacturing handsets running its proprietary Symbian and Meego platforms is pretty seismic.

What’s more, were that to happen, Android’s status as the fastest growing OS right now would surely make it the number-one choice for Elop and co, as they look to turn things around the ailing phone maker.

Rivals have certainly benefited massively from getting onboard with Android. Motorola was deemed dead in the water before the Android powered Droid, AKA Milestone, rescued its reputation.

And it’s a similar story for Sony Ericsson, where sales of nine million Xperia Android phones in the fourth quarter helped the company shrug off the epic fails of the Aino gaming phone and the much-criticised Satio.

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