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Top 10 reasons to get excited by Mobile World Congress 2011

Top 10 reasons to get excited by Mobile World Congress 2011

In just a few short weeks, Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off in Barcelona, with Sony Ericsson’s presser starting proceedings on the evening of Sunday February 13th. And as ever, the show will be teeming with amazing new handsets, killer software boosts and plenty of tittle-tattle to keep the tech illuminati up writing into the wee hours. Here’s our Top 10 reasons to get excited about this year’s bash.

1 HTC tablet unveiled

htc logo large

The so-called HTC Flyer looks like a banker for MWC, with every tech site reporting rumours that the Honeycomb-packing slate will be on show in Barcelona. With key rivals already revealing their tablets at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the show where HTC has made its name seems like a sensible place to take on all comers and give the iPad a scare.

2 Honeycomb details

Honeycomb Android

On top of the HTC tablet, expect more gen about Android Honeycomb too. The OS was previewed in a video at CES, but MWC will be the perfect chance to go hands-on and see the sleek, tweaked UI and new features in working order.

3 Windows Phone 7 update


This looks like a nailed-on certainty for MWC this year. Its unveiling at last year’s event caused an untold amount of hype and put the Big M firmly back in the game. This update will allow Microsoft to address app issues and niggles which have caused the OS to struggle in terms of sales so far.

4 PlayStation Phone at last

playstation phone

Sony Ericsson will surely have the PlayStation Phone on hand. It’s been trailed relentlessly, leaked across the web and everyone knows what it looks like. But there are no details like official details. Expect this to be one of many amazing SE phones at MWC.

5 MeeGo makes an entrance

meego shot

MeeGo should go from Nokia/Intel pipe-dream territory to reality next month. That means actually getting a proper look at how it works and how it’s better than the creaking last-gen Symbian operating system. And handsets are a must too, which leads us onto...

6 Nokia N9

nokia n9

This top-end handset has been talked about for almost a year. And while it’s supposedly the Nokia phone made for America, MWC would be the place to unveil it. With a gorgeous QWERTY keyboard and lush screen, it promises to be Nokia’s best chance of mixing it with Android and iOS.

7 Motorola Atrix heads to Europe

The Motorola Atrix is coming to the UK, but MWC will be the next chance to have a play and see the connected device doing its thing. Using it docked as a PC or for accessing video makes it a winner already. But having it so close to home is bound to cause more excitement.

8 Ice Cream-flavoured gossip

Ice Cream Sandwich

Android Ice Cream has been talked up for ages. While an official announcement is unlikely at MWC, expect loose-lipped execs to talk up the OS and spill all on what we can expect from the forthcoming version of the software.

9 Sony Ericsson amps up Android

The PlayStation Phone will be SE’s number one device, but there’s already chatter about more new Xperia devices, with the chance that the company has finally learned its lesson about loading up its phones with old versions of Google’s OS. Expect capacious screens and smart design.

10 webOS tablet chatter

HP Palm Topaz webOS tablet leaked press shot

The webOS Topaz and Opal tablets are set to be revealed on February 9th, but there’s no denying both will still be the talk of the show a week later. How will they compete with the iPad and Android tablets? And is a September release too late?

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