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3 prepping UK 4G network already?

3 prepping UK 4G network already?

3 has hinted it could be clearing the way for 4G services, bringing super fast mobile internet connectivity and lightning fast streaming and downloads to UK smartfans for the first time.

Support for 4G, which is capable of delivering mobile broadband speeds that dwarf the current 3G standard, is to feature in a host of US phone smartphones coming to market in months to come on Verizon and Sprint.

Expected to transform how we access the web, the technology is featured in the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, as well as the HTC Evo. Verizon is also expected to be prepping a 4G capable iPhone 4.

It had been anticipated that 4G will not hit the UK for some years yet, with some analysts forecasting that it won't be viable for networks to deliver it on these shores until 2015.

However, a Tweet from 3 suggests that something is definitely afoot right now and that the carrier could be laying the groundwork for 4G already.

Responding to an enquiry from a follower whether it plans to offer the service, the carrier stated: “Yeah - it's def something we're looking into. I can't give too much away atm though :-).”

In the past 3 has declared an interest in making use of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, but has stressed that it would not be able to launch such a service unless it is guaranteed more spectrum.

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