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  5. iPad 2: Yerba Buena exterior hints at retina display

iPad 2: Yerba Buena exterior hints at retina display

iPad 2: Yerba Buena exterior hints at retina display

The iPad 2 will feature a high-density retina display a la iPhone 4, photos of Apple’s launch venue suggest.

To mark the event, taking place at the Yerba Buena Centre at 6pm UK time, the company has dressed the venue in Apple livery, showing its famous logo surrounded by a flurry of coloured dots.

The uncharitable among you might say that it looks like a child’s finger painting. But we’re taking the profusion of coloured dots - which surely represent pixels - as a clear sign that the new slate will improve over the current-gen edition with a high-end display.

apple jon

If so, it’d most certainly sweeten the appeal of the media-focussed bit of kit, making photos and graphics look crystal clear. And by delivering crisper text, it’d do much to enhance its credentials as an eReader too.

However, there is a caveat in that the screen almost certainly won't match the clarity of the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, purely because having that many pixels on a ten-inch screen would tear through the tablet's battery life.

One other interpretation is that the posters might be a reference to the much-touted revamped MobileMe app reportedly featuring on the iPad 2, with the dots swirling around the device alluding to its new cloud storage capabilities.

Among the other specs rumoured for the iPad 2 are dual snappers for video calling, expandable memory via microSD card support and a 2GHz processor to keep everything ticking over super smoothly.

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