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LG Optimus Big phone surfaces

 LG Optimus Big phone surfaces

Images of a new LG Android challenger have surfaced online, packing a high-end display and a TV tuner.

With a name like the LG Optimus Big, you’d expect the phone to offer some substantial display real estate. And as the image of the phone lying next to an iPhone reveals you wouldn’t be wrong either. The Big is home to a 4.3-inch screen with NOVA screen technology for pin-sharp images.

According to Phone Arena, it’s also home to a single core 1GHz processor and a front-facing snapper for video calling. A TV tuner using T-DMB technology - a TV standard that’s exclusive to South Korea – is on board too, suggesting that this could be reserved solely for LG’s domestic market.

It’s not clear whether the phone runs Android, but given that Google’s OS is on board almost every Optimus phone so far we think you can pretty much take that as read.

Availability remains a mystery right now. But even if it doesn't make it's way over here, there’s still plenty of LG goodness to look forward to later this year, in the shape of the Optimus 3D and the dual core powerhouse Optimus 2X.


Phone Arena

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