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  5. Nokia N8 & E7 get Layar augmented reality app

Nokia N8 & E7 get Layar augmented reality app

Nokia N8 & E7 get Layar augmented reality app

Augmented reality has finally hit Nokia phones with the arrival of the Layar Reality Browser in the Ovi store today.

Android and iPhone owners have been enjoying augmented reality technology, which lets you take pictures or videos with smartphones and overlays them with all sorts of relevant and useful info about the scene, for some time. However, until now it’s never been on Nokia phones.

Symbian phone owners who want to get on board with Layar will need they own a phone with GPS, a front-facing snapper, compass and accelerometer. If you’re not sure if that’s you, no worries - if you've got any of the Nokia N8, the C7, N97 or its mini variant, you’re good to go.

Raimo Van Der Klein of Layar stated: "Layar's goal is to bring the AR experience into people's everyday lives and with this offering we are able to provide Nokia users with that rich digital experience on their mobile phones.

"We are proud to help bring augmented reality to the masses, and with Nokia and Symbian - which remain juggernauts in the mobile industry with millions of users and devices in the market - we are significantly closer to that goal."

Layar is free to download now. Grab it here: Layar

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