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Top 10 iPad 2 missing features

Top 10 iPad 2 missing features

The iPad 2 is a smart upgrade and promises to consolidate Apple’s place in the so-called “post PC world”. But what’s it missing? And what should Cupertino have included in its slate sequel? Here’s our Top 10 iPad 2 missing features.

1 USB support

usb connector

A common complaint, and one which would have made the iPad 2 infinitely easier to upload to. Of course, Apple’s none too fussed by that, hoping you’ll create most of the content you view on the iPad 2 on the device itself.

2 Thunderbolt

thunderbolt logo

Apple’s new I/O tech, built with Intel, could have led to the iPad 2 being a killer connected device, hooking up to myriad peripherals. But with AirPlay and AirPrint baked in, not to mention a superslim design, Apple’s decided Thunderbolt is staying on the MacBook Pro for now.

3 SD slot


Surely, this was planned. Initial case leaks suggested a SD slot would find its way to the iPad 2, but alas the area everyone thought was reserved for sliding in a card is actually where the beefed up speaker sits. Uploading snaps is still not as easy as it could be.

4 Retina Display

iphone 4

Including an iPhone 4-style Retina Display measuring 9.7-inches would have doubtless pushed up the cost of the iPad 2. But an eyeball-stroking screen was widely tipped and would have given the iPad 2 a serious edge. Rumours suggest the iPad 3 will come with a panel to match other iOS devices.

5 Adobe Flash

flash logo

Obvious, but Flash is still not supported by any iOS devices. This means certain clips and websites can’t be viewed on the iPad 2. Apple claims Flash compromises performance, but while it’s still missing, it’s a rod for Apple haters to beat Jobs and co with.

6 Better notifications

iOS 4.3 has tickled notifications a touch, with push skills coming to the Ping social network. But the iPad 2 still can’t hold a candle to Android Honeycomb’s ace notifications bar. This is an area the iPad 2 really needs to work and will hopefully be fixed by iOS 5.

7 OTA updates

Still missing and still a sore point. Having to hook-up your iPad to sync feels positively old-school and suggests Apple is fearful of over-the-air delivery for software updates, music and files. This is a real miss and one which needs addressing sharpish.


nfc trial

This would have been a long shot inclusion, but with Near Field Communications (NFC) tech now prevalent in an array of Android devices, including NFC on the iPad 2 would have acted as a statement of intent and shown the tech is now finally mainstream.

9 Bigger storage

Despite mock-ups and rumours galore, a 128GB iPad 2 was missing from Apple’s big unveiling this week. The cost of flash storage might have been prohibitively expensive, but does Apple really want people using iPads to store so much info? And would it have impacted on the size of the device?

10 Free MobileMe


More of a miss from the event as a whole, but surely something that would help shift even more iPads. MobileMe had been tipped to dominate the Apple event, but must wait for its moment in the sun. A digital locker and streaming service would make the iPad 2 irresistible.

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