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  5. Windows Phone 7 breaks 10,000 apps milestone

Windows Phone 7 breaks 10,000 apps milestone

Windows Phone 7 breaks 10,000 apps milestone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform is now home to more than 10,000 apps, reaching the landmark figure faster than both iOS and Android in the same period of time.

The revamped OS, which launched in October last year to a somewhat lukewarm commercial reception despite the software giant splashing out an estimated $500 million for marketing the platform, has managed to outpace its established rivals with an average of 465 apps hitting the Windows Marketplace every week since January. A whopping 1262 apps have hit the store in the last two weeks alone.

Games are the most popular category, commanding nearly quarter of the total at 23 per cent, followed by Tools at 14 per cent. There’s also a decent balance of free, paid-for and trial apps at 32 per cent, 38 per cent and 30 per cent respectively

While it’s worth noting that apps development wasn’t quite as popular when the App Store and Android Market got first started, WP7’s feat is still impressive given there is now more competition between platforms to attract developer support.

Microsoft might have handed out a few blank cheques to ensure some of that support comes WP7’s way, but surely early adopters of the OS won’t mind that at all. And with Nokia on board, that number is sure to skyrocket in the coming months.


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