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Angry Birds Rio lands on HP webOS

Angry Birds Rio lands on HP webOS

The latest, most chaotic instalment yet in the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio, has arrived on webOS powered devices.

Rio, which is a collaboration between developer Rovio and 20th Century Fox to coincide today's release of the Fox’s animation flick of the same name, packs 60 new levels, characters from the film and sets the scene for yet more avian outrage as the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and shipped to the “magical city of Rio de Janeiro”.

The furious finches eventually make their escape and are plotting a rescue mission to save thier friends, Blu and Jewel, two rare macaws and stars of said movie, which have also been caged.

Moreover, instead of the birds’ usual nemesis, the thieving green pigs, it’ll be the equally menacing and utterly infuriating evil monkeys that you’ll have to obliterate this time around until you reach a showdown with the game’s main boss.

Rovio has said it plans to release additional levels for the spin-off in episodic updates throughout the year.

Angry Birds Rio is available to download right now for £1.59 / $1.99 from the App Catalog.



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