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  5. HP TouchPad to feature Cloud music syncing

HP TouchPad to feature Cloud music syncing

HP TouchPad to feature Cloud music syncing

HP looks set to beat Apple to the punch in becoming the first tablet maker to launch a cloud-based music syncing service, the latest leak suggests.

A ‘confidential’ PowerPoint presentation emailed to a lucky few HP aficionados detailing all that can be expected from the first-ever webOS powered slate, the TouchPad, has all but confirmed that the computer giant is hard at work to capitalise on Apple’s seemingly laid-back attitude to cloud technology in music.

One of the slides reportedly mentions that the TouchPad will come with a ‘built-in’ solution that would allow music to be automatically synced between devices over the cloud.

HP acquired Melodeo in October, a Seattle-based outfit that specialises in the cloud syncing of the iTunes library. So this could very well be the real deal.

The slide also informs us that the service would employ a ‘smart algorithm’ to automatically cache songs on the device based on the music that users most frequently listen to.

It’s not clear whether this only applies to music the user already owns on other devices or something totally different. But in any case, colour us excited.

Amazon recently announced it would also be launching a cloud storage solution for music syncing on Android devices but that is currently only available stateside and is far from the finished article.

With Apple seeming unfazed by the growing threat posed by services such as Spotify and We7 to its iTunes download service, the time to strike has been never been righter.

HP already has a history in cloud computing and is arguably the company most likely to be able to throw down a real challenge to Cupertino. Only time will tell if it will actually pan out to something genuinely killer app-worthy or a gimmick.



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