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  5. HTC Flyer Android tablet priced for UK

HTC Flyer Android tablet priced for UK

HTC Flyer Android tablet priced for UK

HTC’s first-ever Android tablet has been priced for us in Blighty. And the bad news is that you won’t get much change out of 600 notes.

A pre-order listing for the Flyer on Carphone Warehouse site features a far from bargainous price point of £599.99 when bought sans contract. Early birds can expect their slab of tablet goodness to arrive ‘early May’.

So is it worth the asking price? Well that’s your call. But for your outlay you’ll get a seven-inch screen, so it’s more compact than the iPad 2, plus a rear facing five megapixel snapper and a secondary front facing camera for video calls.

As a sop to business users and heavy mailers and messagers, it also packs stylus support for easy text entry, microSD card support, a 1.4GHz processor and the usual gamut of connectivity options (think: Wi-Fi, 3G and HSPA).

So what’s the catch? Well, the real rub this time around is that it runs the Gingerbread version of Android out of the box rather than the Honeycomb version that’s been created specially for tablets. There’s also no voice calling capability, which might disappoint some of you who don't mind rocking the Dom Jolly Trigger Happy TV look while you're out and about.

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