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Windows Phone 7 NoDo hits HTC HD7 on O2

Windows Phone 7 NoDo hits HTC HD7 on O2

HTC HD7 owners on O2 are now receiving a long-awaited OS bump to the latest version of Windows Phone 7, the carrier has confirmed.

O2 announced the update is being pushed out now via its Twitter feed in response to a query from a HD7 user.

The so-called NoDo update brings a host of new features to the handsets running Microsoft’s operating system. Chief among them being copy and paste functionality and improved searching on the Windows Marketplace app store.

Also incoming is the option to store more wireless network profiles and access them quicker, plus bug fixes and faster loading for apps.

NoDo was originally scheduled to launch back in January. However, Microsoft reportedly delayed the upgrade to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Microsoft began pushing out the new iteration last month, but network-specific tests, coupled with a piecemeal approach that means that resulted in some phones getting it earlier than others, means that many WP7 users are still waiting for some update love.

In other WP7 news, Nokia, which recently inked an historic deal to produce handsets running WP7, this week announced a press call expected to showcase 12 new Symbian powered phones.

The move adds credence to speculation that Nokia is now likely to hold off on releasing a WP7 phone until next year.

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