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Web app purchases finally coming to Windows Phone 7

Web app purchases finally coming to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has announced it will soon allow Windows Phone 7 (WP7) applications to be purchased directly from the Marketplace website to coincide the release of the Mango update.

Currently the Windows Marketplace site allows users to only browse applications and doesn’t have an e-commerce component to facilitate the purchase of apps. However, the Redmond software giant has assured users that that will soon change when the newly unveiled Mango update for Windows Phone 7 lands this autumn.

The move comes as nearly all of Microsoft’s rivals, including Apple, Google, HP, Nokia and BlackBerry, now provide some way of purchasing apps from their respective web stores. Some allow apps to be downloaded and transferred directly to the phone while others send an SMS or email link to continue the download process on the handset.

Microsoft has told Engadget that apps purchased will be delivered over the air and installed in the background “in a single step” using the WP7 notifications system. SMS may only be used in cases where notifications are turned off, but there would still not be any “links or added engagement on the phone”, which could mean that the app will be delivered via the message itself.

Users will also be able to browse their download history on the web Marketplace, share apps with friends and reinstall every app they have purchased/downloaded onto a different device should they replace handsets or have more than one.



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