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Harry Potter phone incoming?

Harry Potter phone incoming?

A phone themed around everyone’s favourite adolescent wizard could be on the way, reports suggest, as the Harry Potter merchandising machine cranks up a notch ahead of the final instalment of the movie.

Speculation about a Potterphone stems from a mystery website dubbed Other than a homescreen, there’s no content and no indication as to what the site is for.

That’s prompted guesses that contrary to previous statements from the House of Rowling, we could yet get more cinematic instalments of the series or even more books.


However, if the chaps at Gawker and Gizmodo are to believed, the site has nothing to do with movie making but is promoting an as yet unannounced Harry Potter smartphone.

Apparently a tipster has disclosed that the handset will be manufactured by a company that’s no longer a major player in the sector, but was once something of a titan.

We think that’s a strong hint that it could be the not-half-as-popular-as-they-once-were Motorola, which has recent form with themed smartphones in the shape of the admittedly pretty cool R2D2 edition of the Droid.

The site itself will act as a portal for exclusive Potter-themed content for the handset, the insider claims.




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