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Nokia N9 denied UK release?

Nokia N9 denied UK release?

The Nokia N9 will not be given a UK release, information on the phone maker’s website suggests, despite the warm reception that the handset received in the tech press.

Unveiled last week, the N9 is the first ever commercially available phone ever to use Nokia’s all-new proprietary operating system MeeGo. Confounding expectations that the handset would be as unwieldy and trad dad as other recent efforts from the House of Nok Nok, the phone innovatively dispenses with a physical home button and won widespread approval from tech watchers for its sleek looks.

However, those rave notices in the UK press don’t appear to have been heeded by Nokia. At least, that’s the impression drawn by The Inquirer which has noticed that Blighty is notably absent from the availability checker on the official Nokia N9 handset page.

nokia n9 slanted

Adding credence to that idea is that the likes of Italy, Spain and Germany are missing too. That, coupled with the fact that the likes of Vietnam, Greece, Russia and Hong Kong, are present and correct suggests that all major European markets could be left too.

Hints about Nokia’s plans come after reports surfaced that CEO Stephen Elop has ruled out further MeeGo phones even if the N9 is a hit, suggesting that handsets running Windows Phone 7 will be at the forefront of its strategy for the foreseeable future.


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