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Nokia N9 dropping September

Nokia N9 dropping September

The just unveiled Nokia N9 will hit retail in in Europe in September, mounting evidence suggests, as Espoo looks to capitalise on the favourable notices its forthcoming flagship phone has received.

Nokia lifted the lid on the N9, which is the first smartphone to run its all-singing, all-dancing MeeGo OS, this week to much fanfare and a better press response than a Nokia handset has had in a long time.

In the past, Nokia has been hamstrung by long lead times from the announcement of their high-end devices to them actually landing in shops. That was certainly the case with the N8 and more recently with the E7.

nokia n9 triptych

However, it seems that this time around the phone maker has finally learned its lesson. According to a Swedish press release from Three and translated by Engadget, the phone will land in Sweden on September 23rd.

The due date was lent more credence by a typically loose-lipped Tweet from mobile maven Eldar Murtazin.

The incredibly well-connected editor of Mobile Review claims that the phone will drop at the “end of September” but will debut in Russian soil before landing anywhere else.

As well as being the first commercially available MeeGo powered smartphone, the N9 also stands out for shunning a trad dad physical home button in favour of a swipe gesture area.




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