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Nokia N9 unveiled, debuts Meego

Nokia N9 unveiled, debuts Meego

Nokia has lifted the lid on the first-ever Meego-powered smartphone, as it bets on an all-new, shiny operating system to take the fight to rival phone makers.

Unveiled at the Nokia Connection event in Singapore, the flagship handset features a novel all-screen design that does away with a ‘home’ button in favour of a swipe gesture, a la Palm Pre. Waking the handset from power-saving mode is a matter of double-tapping the screen.

But perhaps more seismic still is that it showcases for the first time Nokia’s proprietary Meego platform that is scheduled to replace the creaking Symbian OS.

nokia n9 slanted

Equally innovative in its own way, this shuns the widget-adorned standard homescreen used in Symbian as well as competitors’ platforms. Instead Nokia has opted for a scrolling menu for apps, social networking feeds and the like in a carousel-style layout intended to give owners quick access to the N9’s most-used applications.

Perhaps in response to criticisms of the N8’s somewhat unwieldy look and feel, the N9 features an HTC Legend-esque unibody design and rocks NFC tech for contactless payments.

Elsewhere, it’s got the kind of spec sheet that you’d expect from a top of the range Nokia phone. Think: eight-megapixel snapper with Carl Zeiss lens, Cortex 1GHz processor and a display that comes in at 3.9-inches.

nokia n9 triptych

Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's head of Design, said: “The details that make the Nokia N9 unique - the industrial design, the all-screen user experience, and the expressive Qt framework for developers - will evolve in future Nokia products."

The Nokia showcase event also saw the announcement of a range of new lower-specc’d feature phones, dubbed the C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06. These are powered by the Symbian S40 OS and are aimed at markets in the developing world.

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