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Nokia shutting down UK online store

Nokia shutting down UK online store

Smartphone giant Nokia has announced it will be shutting down its official online store in the UK, following similar closures in other European countries.

With poor sales performance due to independent vendors allowing consumers to pick up the latest smarties often below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, Espoo has decided that it’s not worth the effort or the investment keep its own stores running to distribute its handsets in Blighty.

A notice sent out to affiliates and published by the good, good people at Omio stated: "We are planning to close the current UK online store to simplify our channel structure and focus our resources on our key trade customers."

The company has already shut up shop in France, Spain and Netherlands. And it’s expected to do the same in Germany, Ireland, Russia and Switzerland where it remains open for business, for now at least.

“Prices are too subsidized by the carriers and sales were low, so they will keep providing support," said Nokia Spain.

The decision, though not an admission of defeat for the Finns, is surely a sign of its shrinking influence in a market it used to dominate before the likes of Apple and HTC came to town.

Customers who choose to do so can continue to pick up their kit directly from the Nokia Store until the end of the month.



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