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HP leaked webOS roadmap spotted

HP leaked webOS roadmap spotted

A roadmap from HP has been spotted online, giving away potential launch dates for several upcoming webOS devices.

Obtained by the good folks at Precentral, the leaked document contains two new SKUs for the recently launched TouchPad - HP’s answer to Apple’s iPad – scheduled to drop in August. This includes a 4G 32GB iteration of the slate (only for the US right now, unfortunately) and a new 64GB ‘glossy white’ model – both with faster, 1.5GHz processors on board.

The Pre 3, on the other hand, is now due for release sometime in fall, despite earlier reports that it may land before the end of August.

There’s also mention of a hitherto unseen device, codenamed ‘Opal’. This is widely believed to be a seven-inch version of the TouchPad, as HP looks to offer an alternative to similar sized tabs from its Android rivals.

The TouchPad launched in the UK this month to mixed reactions. Presently only Wi-Fi versions of the tablet are on sale in these shores, but HP promises to bring a 3G edition to these shores later this year.



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