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HTC Flyer 3D edition in the works?

HTC Flyer 3D edition in the works?

HTC could be clearing the way for a 3D-capable tablet, rumours suggest, in the shape of a revamped take on its Flyer slate.

Speculation around the smartphone and tablet-maker stems from a leaked image sourced by Chinese site 175Wan of a housing for dual, rear-mounted cameras of the kind that feature in 3D-capable devices.

The part in question bears a striking resemblance to the housing used in the HTC Flyer tablet, suggesting that the company is at the very least considering a 3D take on the device to challenge LG's Optimus Tab.

htc flyer part

Whether the market can support two 3D slates is a moot point right now. After all, it’s not as though any of the iPad’s Android-powered rivals are setting the world alight in the sales stakes, suggesting that a 3D one with a higher price tag would struggle to win fans.

However, it goes without saying the Flyer’s seven inch display ought to ensure a much better 3D media experience than the relatively mini screens that feature on the Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D. So that’s at least one thing in its favour.


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