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  5. Nokia N9: Espoo 'committed to MeeGo updates'

Nokia N9: Espoo 'committed to MeeGo updates'

Nokia N9: Espoo 'committed to MeeGo updates'

Nokia will continue to support the N9 smartphone with software updates for years to come, flying in the face of reports that the handset is a low priority for the phone-maker.

Last month, Nokia Chief Exec Stephen Elop told Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that Nokia is planning to abandon the N9 and MeeGo even if sales match the positive response the phone received in the tech press.

This tallied with analysts’ predictions that the company’s chief focus for the future will be Windows Phone 7 handsets, the first of which are expected to land from Nokia around September.

nokia n9 triptych

However, a Tweet from Klas Strom, Head of Portfolio Marketing at Nokia, tells a very different story. As far as he’s concerned, MeeGo and the N9 are still very much part of Nokia’s plans as it looks to regain market share lost to Android and the iPhone.

Strom tweeted: “We will support #NokiaN9 for years AND release several SW updates... #nottoworry :)”

Unveiled last month, the best part of a year after it was expected, the N9 won plaudits for its sleek unibody design, clean and modern user interface and innovative touches, such as dispensing with a home button in favour of a swipe gesture area.



Helsingin Sanomat

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