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HTC Desire: 'easier' Android 2.3 Gingerbread update ruled out?

HTC Desire: 'easier' Android 2.3 Gingerbread update ruled out?

HTC will not be making a simpler to install, more stable Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update for its best-selling Desire handset, after pushing out a version of the software that left many owners disappointed.

The Taiwanese phone-maker finally made Android 2.3 available for its one-time flagship phone yesterday. However, the build was recommended for “experts” only and was available solely from HTC’s developer site instead of via carriers as a relatively simple, over the air update.

The upgrade also completely wiped the handset’s internal memory of texts, e-missives and apps, so that users had to transfer all their stored content to microSD.

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More problematic still were HTC’s caveats warning that installing Gingerbread could cause the handset’s MMS and SMS functionality to stop working, prompting consternation among Desire users already irked by a six-month wait for the new version of Google’s OS.

But those holding out for a more stable version of the software that addresses that problem and is easier to get are advised not to hold their breath, after HTC’s Benelux president Mark Moons apparently ruled out further Gingerbread updates via his Twitter feed.

Moons, whose communiqués were picked up by Tech Radar, stated: "This is THE Gingerbread upgrade Desire. There will no longer get OTA. Through a good, old-fashioned cable..."

"If you do not know what the benefits of the Desire RUU upgrade, I recommend not to install it.”

Earlier this year, HTC initially ruled out an upgrade for the Desire on the grounds that it packs insufficient memory to run Gingerbread with any sort of elan. However, it changed its mind after a vociferous user campaign.


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