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HTC Ruby Android phone outed

HTC Ruby Android phone outed

Images of the hitherto unseen new phone from the House of HTC has surfaced online, as the Taiwanese phone maker gears up for a busy Q3 launch schedule.

Last week, HTC announced it plans to release up to eight – count ‘em, that’s EIGHT – new phones during the third quarter. And it looks very much like the Ruby will be leading the charge.

Alas, the snaps don’t tell us too much about the handset. Although the fact that T-Mobile branding is in evidence suggests that it could be exclusive to the carrier. At least in some territories, anyway.

htc ruby

Elsewhere, clearly visible are four Android buttons at the foot of the screen, which tell us we’re in the presence of a device running Google’s OS.

What version of the software it’ll ship with isn’t apparent. But, we think you can take it as read that it’ll pack Android 2.3 out of the box – possibly even the latest 2.3.4 version of the OS.

If online conjecture is to be believed, it could also be home to a five-megapixel snapper, a front facing secondary camera and a display in the region of about 3.7-inches – a spec sheet that would very much mark it out as a mid-range, smartphone a la HTC's best-selling Wildfire handsets.

Whether the phone will get a UK release is anyone's guess. But if it does, it'll almost certainly be retitled.


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