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  5. HTC to launch 6-8 new phones during Q3

HTC to launch 6-8 new phones during Q3

HTC to launch 6-8 new phones during Q3

New HTC phones will be coming at us thick and fast over the next few months, with the news that it plans to release between six and eight new handsets during the third quarter.

The range of incoming smarties is expected to include Windows Phone Mango handsets arriving in September, two of which are reportedly provisionally dubbed the Prime and the Ignite. Details of the models remain thin on the ground right now, but it is thought that the Ignite is aimed at enterprise users.

Android powered phones are also certain to be among the additions to HTC’s product line, with the smart money on a new dual core processor-toting addition to the Desire range.

This would bring HTC’s most popular line up to speed with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the newest models in LG’s Optimus series.

HTC, which announced its handset plans at its quarterly profits call, has also confirmed it has targeted shipments of 13.5 million for Q3.

The second quarter saw the company's global shipments hit some 12.11 million units, helping the Taiwanese phone-maker to record profits of $607 million.

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