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HTC Windows Phone Mango phones debuting at IFA

HTC Windows Phone Mango phones debuting at IFA

HTC’s billboard event at the forthcoming IFA expo in Berlin will be a Windows Mango-only affair, reports suggest, dashing the hopes of Fandroids hoping for some hot new kits running Google’s platform.

Earlier this month, HTC Chief Exec Peter Chou disclosed that up to eight new devices are landing this quarter. Among them is thought to be a new Desire-branded phone, hopefully with a dual core processor on board, and the Android Honeycomb powered tablet, the Puccini.

Alas, anyone waiting on those to show up at the September 1st HTC showcase is in for a disappointment, an insider has told Boy Genius Report. In fact, the only new phones set to launch at the IFA will be the Mango-powered Omega and Eternity.

mango official

For the most part, specs for those kits remain unconfirmed right now, although the Eternity is purported to pack a 3.7-inch screen. The Omega apparently rocks a 4.5-inch display – almost taking it into tablet territory - , a 1.5GHz single-core Qualcomm processor, an eight-megapixel snapper with LED flash and 720p HD recording and 16GB of internal storage.

The next month or so is also expected to see the arrival of Mango phones from Samsung, which is supposedly prepping a retooled version of the best-selling Galaxy S2, LG and Microsoft’s new manufacturing partner, Fujitsu.

However, the eyes of the tech world will surely be glued to the debut Nokia Windows handsets, as the beleaguered phone-maker looks to reassert its place at the smartphone top table.


Boy Genius Report

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