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Nokia N9 delayed? Or worse?

Nokia N9 delayed? Or worse?

Doubt surrounds the future of the Nokia N9, after the phone maker’s Swedish site apparently pulled a timer counting down to its release.

The well-received N9 is the first Nokia phone to run its proprietary MeeGo platform and the first handset ever to do away with front-facing, physical buttons . It has been welcomed by many as a sign that the beleaguered company could yet stage a revival, as it continues to struggle with falling market share and slow sales for its high-end smartphones.

A countdown timer on the Swedish Nokia site listed an availability date of September 23rd. However, that now looks to be in jeopardy after the ticking clock mysteriously disappeared overnight, leading some to speculate that the Espoo-based firm could postpone the launch of the handset.

nokia n9 triptych

Adding credence to that theory is Nokia’s run of form with delays to its flagship phones. The Nokia N8, for example, was originally scheduled to drop in the second quarter of 2010, but didn’t show until September that year – making it seem somewhat superannuated as soon as it landed on shelves.

Speculation over Nokia’s plans come amid confusion as to whether the N9, which was thought to be intended for worldwide release, will ever come to the UK.

Rumours that it might not come to Blighty stemmed initially from our fair isle’s absence from from the availability checker on the official Nokia N9 handset page.



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