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  5. Nokia Lumia 800: 5 reasons Nokia’s Windows Phone will be a smash hit

Nokia Lumia 800: 5 reasons Nokia’s Windows Phone will be a smash hit

Nokia Lumia 800: 5 reasons Nokia’s Windows Phone will be a smash hit

For all the cynicism about Nokia’s sluggish approach to getting its first Windows Phone to market, there’s just no way not to be impressed by the new Lumia 800.

The top-end smartphone promises to put Nokia back on the map and make Windows Phone a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone space.

You can almost feel the relief emanating from Espoo as the device gets a good reception.

Here’s five reasons why we think it’ll be a winner.

1 Release date

november 16th

This may not relate directly to the hardware, but Nokia’s failure to release top-end phones on time was one of the key reasons Stephen Elop issued his “burning platform” rallying cry earlier this year.

The fact that the Lumia 800 has a release date, November 16th in case you were wondering, and can already be pre-ordered is excellent news.

Nokia means business and wants to duke it out with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Prime at the earliest opportunity. We can only say bravo.

2 Design

nokia lumia 800 slanted

Just look at that frame. This is undoubtedly the hottest new phone, looks-wise, we’ve seen in 2011. And the iPhone 4S doesn’t count, thanks to it being a carbon copy of the iPhone 4.

Nokia always made good-looking phones, but the polycarbonate shell, discrete hardware buttons and even the camera’s casing look classy.

People will see this phone and want it instantly.

3 Windows Phone focus

mango official

Yes, there have been Windows Phones before. But none has ever been the main focus of a manufacturer's attention, thanks in no small part to Android’s big-time appeal for everyone from HTC to Samsung.

This is different. Nokia has bet the farm on Windows Phone, so this iteration comes with its music store, free turn-by-turn navigation in the form of Nokia Drive and its Mix Radio function.

No other mobile-maker has lavished Windows Phone with this much love and the results should speak for themselves. The Big M’s OS has finally hit the big time.

4 Affordability

Cheap illustration

The networks have done a brilliant job of getting this phone priced up stat. Phones4U has an Orange deal that stretches two years, including 400 minutes, 3000 texts and (an admittedly measly) 250MB data.

But this is all about the price. The phone comes free and will cost just £26 a month. A smartie this good for that little money is nothing short of a steal.

Expect similarly aggressive deals from Three and Vodafone soon, too.

5 Differentiation


A lot was made of Nokia’s decision to go with Microsoft rather than Google. A Nokia Android phone would have sold well, no question, but it wouldn’t have had the cachet that first-adopters and tech fanatics love.

The Lumia 800 is unlike any of its other rivals as it comes with an OS that hasn’t yet reached its mass market potential.

Geeks love that, as do aspirational gadget lovers. This phone will make them feel special and different, something an iPhone or Android handset just can’t do.

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