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  5. iPad 3 rumours: Top 5 tablet tittle-tattle assessed

iPad 3 rumours: Top 5 tablet tittle-tattle assessed

iPad 3 rumours: Top 5 tablet tittle-tattle assessed

The iPad 3 rumour mill has worked itself up to full capacity in the past few days, as the next-gen Apple tablet edges closer to reality.

But what to make of the latest gossip? Is it spot on, or is it as unlikely as Steve Jobs hosting the next Apple keynote? We’ve taken the five biggest iPad 3 rumours and given them the once-over.

1The iPad 3 will have a Retina Display

retina display ipad

Talk of the iPad 3 getting a Retina Display has been rife in recent weeks, with reference to a test device rocking a 2048x1536 screen being found in iOS 5 code.

On top of that, gossip has emerged of Apple using new, low-powered tech to accommodate the screen in a super-thin device, meaning it won’t hammer the battery either.

Likelihood: 9/10

2 It’ll come with two screen sizes

ipad 3 smaller

One loose-lipped LG exec recently said that his company was supplying 7.85-inch screens to Apple, as well as standard 9.7-inch iPad panels. The report containing the interview was quickly pulled, suggesting Apple has something to hide.

Word on the web is that there’ll be a regular iPad 3, along with an iPad Mini. That said, Apple is known to test ideas, before ditching them at the last minute.

Jobs was known to hate 7-inch slates, so mark this down as in the balance.

Likelihood: 6/10

3 It’ll be out in April, after a first quarter unveiling

april 2012

Despite Apple fanatics becoming obsessed over the summer with the idea of the iPad 3 landing this side of Christmas, it didn’t happen. Supplier sources have claimed the iPad 3 will start assembly in January, with shipments starting at the end of Q1.

That means we can expect a March Apple event, with an April launch, a full 12 months after the iPad 2 landed.

Likelihood 9/10

4 It’ll be thinner

With the iPad measuring just 8.8mm, Jony Ive and his team have very little space to work with when it comes to slimming down the iPad 3. But word is the slate will be thinner than the current model.

Thinner batteries are said to have been ordered, which should ensure Apple at least manages to shave off a millimetre or two. That said, with a Retina Display demanding more power, it could end up being the same size.

Likelihood 7/10

5 3D

3D Mobile Phones

This little rumour has been hanging around for months with Hollywood execs said to be priming themselves for some 3D action on the iPad.

For our money, it seems highly unlikely. 3D, while growing, is still not mainstream enough for Apple to risk its inclusion and remains a turn off for many consumers.

Likelihood 3/10

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