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Nokia Champagne: 5 things Nokia's cheap Windows Phone handset must do

Nokia Champagne: 5 things Nokia's cheap Windows Phone handset must do

The rumour mill is abuzz today with talk about the Nokia Champagne a new Windows Phone that will reportedly land next year and pack in the next version of the Big M’s OS, Tango.

Word is that this update will be Nokia-focused and the first to relax Microsoft’s stringent hardware requirements, with the operating system looking to compete at the lower end of the smartphone market. When the Nokia Champagne does land, here are five things it must do to succeed.

1 Be as cheap as HTC’s Wildfire S

HTC WIldfire S

The Wildfire S is the marker for budget smartphones, combining great specs with a complete Android experience. Best of all, it can be picked up for as little as £12 a month on contract, or £145 on Pay As You Go.

The Nokia Champagne will have to match HTC’s price, as well as experience, if it’s going to win in the fiercely competitive arena of cheap handsets.

2 Not compromise the Windows Phone experience

xbox live wp7

Just because Tango will be built for budget phones, doesn’t mean the experience should be compromised.

Android is just the same on a cheap handset as it is on an expensive one and Windows Phone should be no different.

That means deep social network integration, Xbox Live smarts and live tile information.

3 Take design cues from the Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 710 isn’t anywhere near as sexy as its flagship family member. If the Champagne wants to love up to its name, it’ll have to be sharp like the top-end Lumia 800, albeit made from cheaper material if it’s going to be a budget success.

4 Land no later than Mobile World Congress


Nokia’s guaranteed November 16th launch date for the Lumia 800 is great news and shows it’s learned from previous mistakes when it comes to delaying phones.

Even so, the Champagne will have to be out and in the wild come February and Mobile World Congress.

HTC and Samsung will have new budget phones to show off in Barcelona, so Nokia mustn’t hold back.

5 Include Nokia specific services

nokia lumia 710 drive

Nokia Mix Radio and Nokia Drive can’t be missing from the Champagne either. Just because it’s budget doesn’t mean the very best software should be omitted.

Hardware is where the axe should fall when it comes to making cuts, with perhaps a slower processor and lower-res screen helping to keep costs down. Drive and Mix Radio are essential to making Nokia Windows Phones stand out from the crowd.

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