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Nokia Champagne Windows phone leaks

Nokia Champagne Windows phone leaks

A third Nokia Windows phone has leaked online, giving us a fresh glimpse of the phone maker’s plan to turn around its ailing smartphone business.

Purportedly codenamed the Nokia Champagne and unearthed by Electronista in application logs for ‘I’m a WP7’, the handset will reportedly rock the forthcoming Tango iteration of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Nokia Lumia 710

Other than that, alas, specs remain a mystery. But given that the Champagne is expected to land at the Mobile World Congress in February and that Nokia has yet to release its flagship phone for this year, we’d be surprised if it was another top of the range number.

Adding credence to that theory is that the Tango version of Windows Phone is purportedly targeted at emerging markets, where mid-range and cheaper kits are naturally more in demand.

Nokia’s sole mid-range Windows handset thus far is the Lumia 710. Unveiled at Nokia World last month, said smartie is expected to hit store shelves before the year is out and teams a 3.5-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen with a five-megapixel camera and the same exclusive services as the Lumia 800.



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